819.00/10–2445: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Panama (Donnelly)

560. Dept is concerned about political trends in Panama resulting from return and activities Arnulfo Arias as reported Urtel 935, Oct 23,55 and previous communications.

Although Urtel 939, Oct 24, is more reassuring you may express following views to Panamanian authorities in case they raise with you question of political situation.

The joint interest created by the Panama Canal gives a special character to relations between our two countries which repeatedly has been recognized by both governments. Dept is confident that Panamanian Govt will understand, in view of this special relationship, that the maintenance of law and order in Panama through that country’s own constitutional and representative processes is of special interest to Govt of US. Dept also is confident Panamanian Govt knows of our friendly interest and desire for continued cooperation in all problems of common concern.

  1. Not printed; it reported the arrest of 34 members of the police, suspected of sympathies for Arnulfo Arias (819.00/10–2345).