891.01A/229: Telegram

The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

619. My 602 of June 10. I called on Prime Minister yesterday to express my dissatisfaction at the unreasonable delay in obtaining [Page 531] Majlis approval to various bills for engagement of American advisers. Soheily stated that while his Government strongly desires to support advisers his position in them all is so weak that he must proceed with the utmost care if the bills are to obtain approval. He declared that the deputies wish to trade their support for his assurance of their election, a condition he alleges he cannot accept. He added that he would dissolve the Majlis and call new elections were it not for fear the Shah and his military clique might in the interim seize the opportunity to institute a military dictatorship. The weakness and corruption of Soheily Government have brought about a political situation which borders on anarchy. Main responsibility for this rests on deputies, many of whom obstruct constructive measures such as Millspaugh income tax bill and play politics for own benefit to detriment of common good. British Minister36 and I have conferred on subject and are in full agreement that the war effort, the American adviser program and the welfare of Iran itself require that we should seek immediate and effective remedy which will place sufficient power in hands of Soheily or another Government to deal with present emergency. We are endeavoring to enlist the active assistance of the Soviet Ambassador in seeking a formula but it is doubtful, in view of our past experience, whether Soviet cooperation can be obtained.

  1. Sir Reader Bullard.