891.01A/228: Telegram

The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

602. Department’s 259, May 27.35 Policy and action of Iranian Government with regard to employment of American advisers is uncoordinated and confused. While this is due to some extent to opposition of Deputies and young Iranian group to employment of foreigners, it arises primarily from weakness of Soheily Government which spends most of its time playing politics to protect its dwindling majority in Majlis and maneuvering for coming elections. Delays and uncertainties in obtaining Majlis approval will therefore be inevitable. I recommend that we consider each request for advisers on its merits rather than endeavor to lay down a hard and fast rule. My specific recommendations on pending requests follow:

Department should proceed with finding (a) Millspaugh assistants and (b) head of pharmaceutical company since these positions are already provided for by law. Question of their powers is unimportant since they are responsible to Millspaugh.
Sheridan’s six assistants should not come forward until passage of law now pending in Majlis for their employment. Referring to Department’s 248, May 20,35 Foreign Minister informs me he will telegraph Minister in Washington authority to sign contracts there as soon as Majlis passes covering bill.
Iranian Government expresses strong desire to obtain services of General Reynold as health adviser, especially in view of possibility of severe typhus epidemic next winter. I see no objection to Department making purely tentative approach to Reynold.
Department is requested to continue efforts to find the transport men referred to in its No. 278, June 7.35
No action should, in my opinion, be taken toward engagement of the mining, municipality, agriculture and irrigation experts until such time as the Iranian Government renews its requests and gives evidence that approval for their employment would be forthcoming from Majlis and Millspaugh.

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