891.24/406: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Iran ( Dreyfus )

162. Your 310, March 24 and 299, March 21 and Kuniholm’s letter March 10.61 Department is concerned at reported attitude and activities of Governor General Mugadam. We would like full telegraphic report on any investigation being made by Iranian authorities and results of any representations you may have made regarding attack on Mayor of Tabriz in consequence of his visits to Kuniholm and Vivian.

Do you believe it would be well for the Department to give you instructions to make a formal protest and request Mugadam’s replacement? It is thought we might take line that American Government is making considerable sacrifices of shipping space to send wheat to Iran; that this is being done on basis of wheat agreement signed December 4, which specifically provides that Iranian Government must do everything possible to utilize domestic supplies of grain, and that we cannot be expected to import grain while high Iranian officials are deliberately obstructing the collection of Iran’s own supply in the principal grain producing area of the country.

  1. Letter of March 10 not printed.