845.24/360: Telegram

Mr. William Phillips, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt in India, to the Secretary of State

179. Paragraph 2 of the Department’s 95, February 17, 6 p.m. Government of India is now engaged at the behest of London on an overall, comprehensive survey of India’s entire import requirements, civil as well as military. This will be used as basis for drawing up three detailed alternative import programs to be submitted to London. One will be limited to barest minimum essential needs; another will specify requirements for continuation war effort and war time standard of living; the third will indicate what India would like to import if United Nations production and shipping capacity were available in sufficient volume.

Such a survey might, to some extent at least, serve the purpose of the proposed Anglo-American group. If, however, Department has in mind a continuing organization, additional details of its scope and functions will be needed to enable this office to make a considered reply to Department’s inquiry.