811.20 Defense (M) India/65: Telegram

The Secretary of State to Mr. William Phillips, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt in India

95. [The portion of telegram here omitted, relative to the purchasing of strategic raw materials, is printed on page 284.]

[Page 253]

2. For your information the Department is considering recommending to you that a Joint Anglo-American group to which might be added representatives of the Indian Government be established for the purpose of making a comprehensive and realistic study of civilian Indian import requirements from all sources of supply. This group should include representatives from the shipping agencies of both the United States and the United Kingdom as well as a BEW5 representative. Presumably this body would sit at New Delhi and there appears to the Department to be no objection to establishing two separate groups, one at Calcutta and one at New Delhi, to perform these two different functions. The senior American representative on such a combined requirements group would be the senior Lend-Lease representative in India. The approval of the British and Indian Governments would of course be a prerequisite. Prior to seeking such approval your opinion on this subject will be appreciated.

  1. Board of Economic Warfare.