868.01/383: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series 57. My Greek Series 52, August 31, 9 a.m. Prime Minister has advised me that when Churchill’s two messages to the King were presented to the Greek Cabinet yesterday afternoon Republican members reacted heatedly bandying threats of resignation but that while one or two resignations may materialize in his opinion it is likely that a solution will be found and calm restored within a few days.

According to a member of the Foreign Office, the realization of the effect which would be caused in British circles and inside Greece by their resigning on account of a statement by Churchill is acting as a deterrent to the opposition members carrying out their threat.

Prime Minister also remarked that the delay in the receipt of the President’s reply is occasioning talk in Republican quarters of a divergence between British and American views.