The Secretary of State to President Roosevelt 48

My Dear Mr. President: It appears that a direct reply should be made to the message recently addressed to you by King George II of Greece,49 since the British reply spoke for Mr. Churchill and the British Government only.

There is attached for your consideration a suggested reply50 which conforms to the decisions taken in this matter at Quebec while avoiding the advanced position the British have taken pledging the maximum support in their power to the King, whatever his decision—an assurance which I do not believe we should give.

Copies of the King’s appeal and of the British reply are attached for convenient reference.51

Faithfully yours,

Cordell Hull
  1. Notation on the original: “CH OK FDR”.
  2. See telegram Greek Series No. 43, August 18, noon, from the Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile, p. 143.
  3. The draft is identical with the reply sent on September 6, p. 151.
  4. British reply not printed.