868.01/364: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series 17. Your Greek Series No. 5, July 5, 7 p.m. In reply to a letter to Greek Prime Minister transmitting statement contained in the telegram under reference, I have today received a communication from him as follows:

“The statement made by the Secretary of State Mr. Cordell Hull27 on His Majesty’s radio to the Greek people was very gratifying to us. It has indeed cast the proper light on this solemn and important declaration of the sovereign which will undoubtedly have a decisive and favorable influence on the solution of the political problems of our country.

The Government and myself have also much appreciated the comments of Senators Guffey and Pepper28 on the same matter.

I should be grateful if you would kindly transmit to the Secretary of State our sincere thanks for the warm reception which he and ether distinguished American personalities gave to His Majesty’s speech thus enlightening the public opinion of the United States on the significance of this grave statement.”

  1. See supra.
  2. Joseph F. Guffey and Claude Pepper, Senators from Pennsylvania and Florida, respectively.