J.C.S. Files

Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff1

C.C.S. 196/3

Intelligence and Quasi-Intelligence Activities in India

The United States Chiefs of Staff have given careful consideration to the proposals submitted by the British Chiefs of Staff in [Page 1238] C.C.S. 196/2.2 They accept the first reservation which the British Chiefs of Staff have made to full acceptance of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff’s proposal set forth in C.C.S. 196/1.3
The United States Chiefs of Staff do not accept the second reservation proposed by the British Chiefs of Staff. In this regard they do approve a free interchange of intelligence on a cooperative basis but not the intermixture of British and American intelligence staff officers, except those operating on a combined staff under a supreme commander.
  1. For the action taken on this paper at the 117th Meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, September 3, 1943, see ante, p. 1204.
  2. Ante, p. 424.
  3. Not printed, but the United States proposals referred to are summarized in C.C.S. 196/2, printed ante, p. 424.