Meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, 10:30 a.m. 1

1. C.C.S. 86th meeting.

United States United Kingdom China
Admiral Leahy General Brooke Foreign Minister Soong2
General Marshall Admiral of the Fleet Pound Major General Chu2
Admiral King Air Chief Marshal Portal
Lieutenant General McNarney Field Marshal Dill
Lieutenant General Somervell Lieutenant General Ismay
Vice Admiral Horne Admiral Noble
Major General Fairchild Lieutenant General Macready
Major General Streett Air Marshal Welsh
Rear Admiral Cooke Captain Lambe
Brigadier General Wedemeyer Brigadier Porter
Colonel Smart Air Commodore Elliot
Commander Freseman Brigadier Macleod
Commander Long
Brigadier Redman
Brigadier General Deane
Commander Coleridge
Lieutenant Colonel Vittrup
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[38] Combined Chiefs of Staff Minutes

J. C. S. Files

  1. Present for the discussion of China only.
  2. Present for the discussion of China only.