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Note by the Secretaries of the Combined Chiefs of Staff 1

C.C.S. 331

Netherlands Marine Landing Force

The enclosure received from the Netherlands Staff Mission is referred to the Combined Chiefs of Staff for consideration.

It is suggested that the Secretaries be directed to draft a reply along the following lines:

“The Combined Chiefs of Staff have noted with interest that the Netherlands Military and Naval authorities are working on plans for raising an Army to participate in the war against Japan following the liberation of Holland. They will be pleased to review these plans upon their completion and give them such support as is justified in the prosecution of the war.”

H. Redman
J. R. Deane

Combined Secretariat


No. 917–5/8

The Netherlands Representatives (Stoeve and Dijxhoorn) to the Combined Chiefs of Staff

Emanating from an earnest desire to contribute in the largest possible degree to the war effort, the Netherlands Government has [Page 1239] instructed its Naval and Military authorities to work out a plan for the speedy raising of an Army to participate in the war against Japan immediately after the liberation of Holland, as the first step in the re-mobilization of Dutch manpower. As soon as this plan will have been completed and approved by the Netherlands Government, it will be submitted to the Combined Chiefs of Staff in Washington.
Since they will most likely fight under American operational command, it is highly desirable that their training, indoctrination and armament be similar to that of the United States Forces. Consequently, the assistance of the United States will be essential in the execution of this plan with regard to the training and the supply of equipment and weapons.
As a first step towards the execution of this plan, the Netherlands Government has decided to form, soonest after the liberation of Holland, a Marine Landing Force of 5,000 men.
On behalf of the Netherlands Government the cooperation of the Combined Chiefs of Staff is requested in order to secure, even now, the most necessary assistance from the United States authorities for building up this Force.
G. W. Stoeve

Rear Admiral, R.N.N.
A. Q. H. Dijxhoorn

Major General, R.N.A.
  1. For the action taken on this paper at the 117th and 118th Meetings of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, September 3 and 10, 1943, see ante, pp. 1205, 1221.