Meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff with Roosevelt and Churchill, 5 p.m., The White House1

1. The time of this meeting is given as 5 p.m. in the Minutes, below, but is entered as 5:20 p.m. on Roosevelt’s appointment calendar (Roosevelt Papers).

Present 2
United States United Kingdom
President Roosevelt Prime Minister Churchill
Admiral Leahy Admiral of the Fleet Pound
General Marshall Field Marshal Dill
Admiral King Admiral Noble
General Arnold Lieutenant General Ismay
Rear Admiral Land Lieutenant General Macready
Rear Admiral Badger Air Marshal Welsh
Rear Admiral McCain Mr. Bernal
Rear Admiral Brown Lieutenant Commander Grant
Minister of Information Bracken
Brigadier General Deane Brigadier Redman

[575] Combined Chiefs of Staff Minutes

J.C.S. Files

  1. The presence of Land, Badger, McCain, Brown, Bernal, Grant, and Bracken is not mentioned in the Minutes, but is noted on Roosevelt’s appointment calendar.