B. The war in Europe

[588] Report by the Combined Administrative Committee

J.C.S. Files

[589] Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff

J.C.S. Files

[590] Report by the Combined Staff Planners

J.C.S. Files

[593] Memorandum by the Secretary of State

740.0011 European War 1939/31526¼

[595] The British Permanent Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Cadogan) to Prime Minister Churchill

PR 10 “Foreign Relations of U.S.”/9–1069

  1. The source text is undated and unsigned, but a typed endorsement on Roosevelt’s memorandum to Leahy mentioned in fn. 1, above, states that the paper sent to Leahy was dated September 8, 1943, and was initialed A.C. (Roosevelt Papers).