701.2325/29: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Moore)

65. Your 83, July 24, 7 p.m. Peruvian Ambassador has received a telegram apparently sent later stating that President Leguia will send a message to Congress on July 28, for the establishment of an Embassy in Santiago. While Peruvian Ambassador was at Department showing this telegram, the Chilean Ambassador arrived and the Peruvian Ambassador read it to him also. It was agreed by them that both Governments would, therefore, send a message to their respective Congresses on July 28 asking for the establishment of Embassies in the other country. The Peruvian Ambassador is immediately telegraphing in this sense to his Government.

The Department considers it very important that there should be no misunderstanding or slip up in the program. It would be most unfortunate if one country sent a message to Congress on the 28th and the other failed to do so. It is a definite understanding that both countries will now do so on July 28. Please keep in close contact with the situation to know that this is definitely understood in Lima.

The Chilean Ambassador while at the Department advised the Peruvian Ambassador that as it is customary for Chiefs of State to exchange telegrams on their national anniversaries, President Ibanez [Page 656] would like to send a congratulatory message on the 28th to President Leguia and inquired of the Peruvian Ambassador whether he thought that this would meet with the approval of President Leguia or whether the latter would feel that the President of Chile was anticipating matters. The Peruvian Ambassador stated that he thought that this would be considered as of very delicate attention and appreciated as such. The Chilean Ambassador then indicated that Ibáñez would send such a message.