701.2325/29: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru ( Moore ) to the Secretary of State

83. Your 64. The President says that the Peruvian Ambassador in Washington has been given full instructions in the matter. He says that under the Peruvian Constitution his message to Congress at the inaugural session is limited to a report on past activities and cannot initiate new legislation, and that Congress is also unable to enact legislation at that session. Also he cannot name an Ambassador without the approval of the Senate.

[Paraphrase.] The President stated that he hopes that his inability to act simultaneously with Chile in the way suggested would be perfectly clear, and that it would not be misinterpreted as a lack of good will by him. The President repeated his anxiety on this point two or three times. He stated that he would communicate with Congress on this subject immediately after the close of the national holidays on July 31. [End paraphrase.]