861.00/6504: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople ( Bristol ) to the Acting Secretary of State

166. From information in Constantinople, General Wrangel is expected immediately to arrive in Constantinople. Departure of this best of Denikin generals from him is stated due to realization of the hopelessness of cause due largely to wide spread corruption behind the lines, and marks the beginning of final stage in complete collapse Volunteer army which it is expected will be disbanded as such within a month at most.

Impression is gaining in all quarters that the Allies have definite agreement with Soviets intended to result in political besides commercial recognition. It is certain in any case that the British have utterly abandoned Denikin, if not really working against him. British resumption of Caspian command has been abandoned definitely. [Page 585] The improbable reason stated by them is that Denikin protested against British resuming that command. Repeated to Paris for Grew.