861.00/6510: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Acting Secretary of State

173. Following from Admiral McCully [,Novorossiisk?]:

“24. March 4, 12 p.m. Russian Volunteer army is retiring before Red forces and gradually disintegrating. Presumably such as hold together will try to go to Crimea. South Russian Government has been transferred from Ekaterinodar to Novorossiisk and acquired most of Denikine staff now at latter place. Denikine himself is somewhere near the front. Preparations made for complete evacuation of Novorossiisk which will occur in a few days. It is expected that this will be effected in an orderly manner, the British being in close touch with Greek forces and it is reported that British are trying to arrange armistice with Reds. General Schilling has arrived Novorossiisk as he could no longer maintain control in Crimea. General Slashchev in control there. [Garbled group] to be co-operating with Makhno. Major General Schutze, Colonel Corner and Lieutenant Posche of German General Staff reported to be at Sevastopol. A German, General Schutze, is said to be Makhno’s chief-of-staff. Monarchistic movement in Crimea likely under the leadership of General Wrangel. I expect to remain at Novorossiisk until evacuation and possibly for a few days afterward. McCully.[”]