The Military Governor of Santo Domingo (Snowden) to the Chief of Naval Operations (Coontz)15

2369–19(2) S–FF

Reference: (a) My letter 2369–19 S–McG of 1 November, 1919.

Inviting attention to Reference (a), the undersigned reports that the first meeting of the Advisory Council therein mentioned took place in the afternoon of November 5 and the session was most cordial and beneficial. There were present all the members:
  • His Eminence Monsenor Adolfo A. Nouel, Archbishop of Santo Domingo.
  • Licenciado Francisco J. Peynado.
  • Licenciado Jacinto R. de Castro.
  • Mr. Federico Velasquez.
The writer fully explained to the members the governmental policy being pursued, the financial condition of the republic, the condition of the public works under construction and the future policies and problems of the government, together with matters connected with the future development of the republic which required thought.
Much pleasure was expressed by the members at the gratifying state of affairs and cordial cooperation was assured. The several members declined to accept any remuneration for their services.
The credit for this measure is due the State Department, the undersigned having carried it into effect after much study. It appears officially as the voluntary act of the Military Governor.
There is enclosed a translation of an editorial article published in the Listin Diario of November 4, 1919, the principal newspaper in the republic, showing the cordial reception which the measure is everywhere receiving.16
Thomas Snowden
  1. Copy transmitted to the Secretary of State by the Secretary of the Navy, Dec. 3.
  2. Not printed.