The Military Governor of Santo Domingo ( Snowden ) to the Chief of Naval Operations ( Coontz )13

2369–19 S–McG

1. It was recently informally suggested by certain officials of the Department of State that it might be a good idea for the Military Governor to have an Advisory Council of native Dominicans and that this might appease the desire of Dominicans for a voice in their country’s affairs.

2. After giving the suggestion much thought, it has been accepted and a few days since, October 27, the writer addressed letters requesting the services of the following distinguished Dominicans as members of such Advisory Council:

  • His Eminence Monsenor Adolfo A. Nouel, Archbishop of Santo Domingo.
  • Licenciado Francisco J. Peynado.
  • Licenciado Jacinto R. de Castro.
  • Mr. Federico Velasquez.

These gentlemen were suggested by the Archbishop after the writer had invited him so to do, but they were already well known to the writer either personally or by reputation. They are men of the highest integrity and of greatest influence upon national affairs. All of the above mentioned gentlemen have enthusiastically accepted the duty with expressions of the highest patriotism and appreciation.

3. Monsenor A. A. Nouel is an eminent patriot, of the highest intelligence, learning, and influence, beloved and respected throughout the country. He was provisional president of the Republic from December 1, 1912, to March 31, 1913.

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Lic. Francisco J. Peynado is one of the leading lawyers of the Republic and an ex-Minister to the United States.

Lic. Jacinto R. de Castro is one of the leading lawyers of the Republic.

Mr. Federico Velasquez is chief of the Progressive Party and an ex-cabinet Minister of Finance of the Republic.

4. A place on this council has been reserved for Dr. Henriquez y Carvajal should he return to Santo Domingo and desire to aid in the plans for the future good of his country. His services here would be of more value to his country than his present propaganda from Washington, as shown in the appended circular.14

Thomas Snowden
  1. Copy transmitted to the Secretary of State by the Acting Secretary of the Navy, Nov. 22.
  2. Not printed.