The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell) to the Secretary of State

No. 511

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that the memorandums of Dr. Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal, delivered to Mr. J. H. Stabler in Paris and deposited in the State Department,10 have been circulated extensively throughout the country, and as a result all sorts of political rumors were afloat as to an immediate change in the present situation. To counteract this, the Military Government published the following:—

The Military Government a few weeks ago suggested to the United States Government the advisability of taking as soon as possible some action regarding the petition of Dr. Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal for the restoration of the government of this country to the civil status which obtained prior to the military occupation, and that any decision reached should be given immediate publicity, for the purpose of putting an end to a state of uncertainty prevailing in the minds of the people, and to check the propaganda of political agitators. An answer has been received from the State Department in Washington to the effect that up to the present nothing has occurred to alter in the slightest the present situation. This information is published for the benefit of all interested parties.

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Dr. Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal is coming to this country solely as a Dominican citizen. He will enjoy the same rights and privileges and be subject to the same restrictions and responsibilities as other citizens of the Republic. The Military Government will always take pleasure in receiving the advice and suggestions of a distinguished citizen who has been honored with the Presidency of the Republic, but solely in his capacity of a private citizen.

No agitation, no political demonstration in connection with the presence of Dr. Henriquez in this country will be permitted, as not tending to the preservation of good order and the best interests of the country.

I am enclosing herewith copies and translation of an editorial published in one of the local papers in regard to the statements of the Military Government and of Dr. Henriquez y Carvajal.11

I have [etc.]

William W. Russell
  1. Memorandum of April 14, p. 107; memorandum of May 12 not printed.
  2. Not printed.