The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell)

No. 318

Sir: I enclose herewith translations of two memoranda furnished the Department by Doctor Henriquez y Carvajal concerning the situation in the Dominican Republic,9 and a copy of a confidential [Page 136] memorandum of a conversation between Mr. Hallett Johnson, of the Latin-American Division, and Señor Henriquez y Carvajal on the same subject.9

I shall be glad to receive an expression of your views and of those of the Military Government on the points presented in the memoranda of Doctor Henriquez y Carvajal. It has not been considered that there would be any immediate change in the policies of the United States towards the Dominican Republic, but nevertheless it was thought by receiving this gentleman and having him put his points of complaint or suggestions for improvement in a concrete form it might be advisable to discuss them with him and at the same time impress on him the fact that he could help greatly in the restoration of order and peace in the Republic if he would encourage all Dominicans to assist the Military Government and not to oppose it.

You will be notified whether Doctor Henriquez y Carvajal shall decide to proceed to Santo Domingo.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing
  1. Memorandum of Sept. 5, p. 128. Memorandum of Sept. 9 not printed; it covers the same interview as Mr. Dunn’s memorandum of Sept. 8, p. 130.
  2. Mr. Dunn’s memorandum of Sept. 13, p. 131.