The Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

No. 491

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your No. 295 of June 20 (File No. 839.00/2137), in regard to the formation of Guardia Nacional of Dominicans to be used in co-operation with the United States Marines to put an end to banditry in this country.

In accordance with your instructions I have discussed this matter informally with the Military Governor and the Brigade Commander of the United States Marines. They both agree that the “Guardia Nacional Dominicana” as at present organized is in no way fitted to insure law and order if our forces should retire. It is an absolute fact that the backbone of peace and order in this country is our Marine Brigade (about 3000 in the Republic), and if these are withdrawn chaos will prevail.

The Military Governor admits that the Guardia is not rendering service commensurate with the expenditure made for it, and has decided on a thorough reorganization of the present establishment. The first step in the reorganization has been taken, as the Military Governor has requested the Major General Commandant of the Marine Corps to detach at once the officer at present in charge of the Guardia.

I have [etc.]

William W. Russell