893.00/3127a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( Reinsch )

Department informed by Japanese Embassy37 that the Japanese Minister at Peking has been instructed to discuss frankly and freely the Tientsin matter with you and to offer apology, if there was any reason for which an apology would be due, and if the Japanese had committed any wrongful act during the trouble at Tientsin. Department also informed that Japanese Consul at Tientsin has been similarly instructed. There seems still to be in the minds of the Japanese some belief in the presence of American troops in the Japanese concession on the night of March 12th. Please keep Department advised.

Repeat to Tokio for information.

  1. Memorandum of the Third Assistant Secretary of State of a conversation with the Japanese Chargé, June 2 (File No. 893.00/3097); not printed.