893.00/3113: Telegram

The Minister in China (Reinsch) to the Acting Secretary of State

My telegram May 13, 4 p.m. Japanese Acting Consul General called formally on the American Consul General Tientsin and made statement of regret for the fact that his compatriots in the French concession used violence upon the American soldiers and behaved rudely against the American Consul General. Japanese Consul General also called upon the American commandant and expressed regret for the “possible lack of friendliness and caution on the part of the Japanese even though in the midst of confusion in treating the wounded American soldier.” Japanese Consul General also said that he had proposed to the Foreign Office the payment of solatium to Rohner,36 but he adhered to the position that the police inspector had not intentionally made false statements and therefore could not be censured. He stated that three subordinate police officers had been dismissed for misconduct in connection with the incident.

Heintzleman does not consider the apologies as final settlement and made the Japanese Consul General understand that there are several outstanding points to be settled.

  1. Partially paralyzed as result of injuries; see telegram of Apr. 4 to the Ambassador in Japan, p. 424.