The Minister in Honduras ( Jones ) to the Secretary of State

No. 318

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my Most Urgent cablegram of the 9th instant, 11 A.M.,11 and to that of the same date, 12 Midnight,12 in which I advised the Department of the deposit of the Executive Power by Doctor Francisco Bertrand and the granting of a general amnesty, and other agreements entered into as a result of the ex-President’s departure.

In this connection, I have the honor to attach hereto a copy and translation of the Note addressed to me by the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, which is an acceptance of the Department’s suggestions contained in its cable instruction of September 5–11 P.M.13

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Also, I attach hereto a copy and translation of the Decree depositing the Power in the Council of Ministers,14 as well as a copy and translation of the Amnesty to all prisoners issued by the Council of Ministers, under date of the tenth instant.14

And, lastly, a copy and translation of an “Important Resolution “taken by the Council of Ministers for the direction of the affairs of the Nation.14

I have [etc.]

T. Sambola Jones

The Honduran Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs ( Bendaña ) to the American Minister ( Jones )

[Mr. Minister:] Doctor Francisco Bertrand, having, by virtue of a Decree of this date, deposited the Power in the Council of Ministers, has placed in my hands the Note from Your Excellency dated the sixth instant,15 in which you call the attention of the Government to what was communicated to you by the Government of the United States of America, stating, at the same time, that any suggestion from the Government of Honduras, which would invite the use of the good offices of the United States to mediate, in a friendly manner, with regard to the difficult situation confronting it, would be welcome; requesting, at the same time, an immediate answer to your note above referred to.

By instructions from the Council of Ministers, which, at the present time, exercises the Executive Power, and in due reply to your communication above mentioned, I have the honor to state that the Government of Honduras accepts the friendly mediation which the Government of the United States of America generously offers through you.

In virtue thereof, I beg to insinuate [suggest] to you that in order to avoid further bloodshed and loss of property it would be, in the judgement of the Government, of the greatest convenience, to take the most rational steps in order that the suspension of hostilities between the forces of the Government and the combatting bands be effected immediately. The Government of Honduras urges you to agree to this preliminary step.

I avail myself [etc.]

Jesús Bendaña
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