815.00/2035: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras ( Jones )

Your September 15, 12 noon.

Mr. Johnson, of the Latin American Division of the Department of State, has received the following cable from Antonio Lopez Gutierrez, “The invincible revolution which broke out to uphold Honduran institutions has triumphed throughout the republic. We are striving to maintain constitutional order. The second designado, Doctor Bogran, has been called upon to take charge of the government and to proceed to hold free elections, but Doctor Membreño’s party without awaiting the result of this measure has taken up arms in some places to maintain peace and order. It is necessary that a strong and central government be created. We desire that the Department of State lend us its moral support to this end. Immediately the country is pacified we shall proceed to hold wholly impartial elections, which is the principle proclaimed by the revolution [Page 389] at its institution. If Doctor Bogran takes over the presidency, the leaders of the revolution ask the right to name three ministers as a guarantee, leaving to Doctor Bogran the right of naming three others. We trust that the Department of State through its interest lest Honduras be given up to anarchy, will approve this plan, rational as it is.”

You are instructed to remind Gutierrez of his conversations with Johnson in which he was informed that the desire of this Department was to see maintenance and continuity of constitutional order in Honduras and to see free elections which should place the man chosen by the will of the people in the presidency. Department is pleased to note that Gutierrez is “striving to maintain constitutional order “and expresses great satisfaction with Bogran (See your September 15, 12 noon) who is soon to become the legitimate head of the constitutional Honduran government. It hopes that Gutierrez will take no step which will lay him open to the charge of establishing a dictatorship; that he will support the constitutional head of the Government; that he will cooperate in inviting Membreño to return and attend a conference at which mutual guarantee will be given for the holding of a free election in which all candidates may have the opportunity of taking part and which may therefore be viewed as of binding force.

Department informed by Navy Department that USS Baltimore will take place of the USS Chicago.