815.00/1985 Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras ( Jones )

Your September 9, 11 a.m.

The Department is anxious to know in whom the Council of Ministers intends to deposit the executive power. It is hoped that [Page 386] such action will be taken as will insure the continuity of the constitutional government. To effect this end, it would appear that in view of Article 105 of the Constitution of Honduras and in view of the fact that the Vice-President and First Designado are both candidates for the presidency, the executive power should be deposited in Francisco Bogran, who the Department understands is the Second Designado.

The recent political disturbances in Honduras appear to have been caused by apprehension on the part of presidential candidates regarding the freedom of the presidential elections. In order therefore that revolutionary activities may cease at once, you are instructed to suggest to the Honduran Government that all candidates for the presidency be invited to a conference to be held in Tegucigalpa at the earliest possible date to confer upon ways and means to insure that the coming presidential elections shall be entirely free and shall express the will of the people of Honduras.