763.72119/5509: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

2932. Department’s 2404, June 24th, 5 p.m. Establishment of regular consular relations must await the ratification of the treaty. The appointment of consular representatives, even unofficial, in advance of ratification should be avoided unless by reason of an excessive delay it distinctly appears that the omission to appoint such officials is having a detrimental effect on our commerce. A few weeks’ postponement of opening of trade relations, even if other countries thereby obtain a slight initial advantage, can hardly have permanent consequences.

The appointment of commissioners or agents to act however [unofficially] in a diplomatic capacity, with especial reference to commercial matters seems equally or even more undesirable at the present moment and might give rise to embarrassing criticism. For purposes [Page 235] of information and in formal communication Dyar mission, which is still at Berne [Berlin] and can send cipher telegrams, is entirely adequate. Lansing.

American Mission