File No. 103.96/457

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Sharp )


3692. For McFadden [from War Trade Board]:

No. 44. Embassy’s 3530, April 5, your 31, and Embassy’s 3621, April 15, your 38. War Trade Board authorizes you or your nominee to act as representative of the War Trade Board upon Inter-Allied Metals Committee to act for the Board in connection with any matters pertaining specially to the licensing of imports or exports of metals. In this connection, however, you should be advised [Page 565] that the War Industries Board, of which Baruch is chairman, has full authority and responsibility for conducting all transactions pertaining to the procurement of metals and minerals.

Baruch fears that the Metals Conference might negotiate and decide without his knowledge or approval problems other than those relating to wolfram and chrome. This of course would be embarrassing and might possibly confuse negotiations now proceeding in Washington which Baruch prefers to continue here.

Under these circumstances, you should continue in the Conference, acting for us so far as questions relating to import and export licensing are concerned, and reporting all other transactions to Mr. Baruch through us for his information. You should use your discretion in explaining situation to the Conference.