File No. 103.96/483h

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Sharp)1


3609. For your information supplementing cable today from Woolley for McFadden,2 the following explanatory statement is sent at the request of Baruch, Chairman War Industries Board.

With reference to Inter-Allied Metals Conference, negotiations have already been undertaken here under direction of War Industries [Board] chairman with representatives of Great Britain and France for international arrangements controlling procurement and distribution for Allied requirements of tin, tungsten, and various other raw materials, substantial proportions of which must be procured from neutral countries. It is regarded as exceedingly important that these questions be dealt with in direct negotiations here instead of through committees in Paris or London. As soon as arrangements are agreed upon, it is intended to intrust their execution to a joint committee in London or Paris. Any suggestion or pressure that can be used to this end will facilitate the result which we all desire and which is highly necessary. Delay in securing the assent of the Allied Governments to these arrangements is affecting and will affect military programs and place additional financial burdens upon our shoulders.

  1. The same, mutatis mutandis, on the same date, to the Ambassador in Great Britain, No. 7344, for Sheldon (File No. 103.96/491a).
  2. Not printed.