File No. 763.72/9770

The French Ambassador ( Jusserand ) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: My Government has reminded me that the inter-Allied conference which met at Paris in December, last, decided to create an Inter-Allied Munitions Council whose headquarters shall be at Paris. The various other inter-Allied committees which it was decided to organize at that time being now in operation, it appears to be indispensable to constitute without further delay the Inter-Allied Munitions Committee which is to examine mainly the best apportionment of the common resources with respect to the production of all that refers to the material made of steel or other metals and of all that relates to chemical industries.

It had been suggested in Paris that the representatives of each nation should be the Minister of Munitions, assisted by three persons, one of whom could, with advantage, be a representative either of the General Staff or of the Ministry of War.

The representative of the United States at the Paris conference having declared that he was without the necessary powers to concur in the constitution of the committee, but having indicated, at the same time, that he would refer the question to his Government with his favorable recommendation, I am instructed and now have the honor to beg Your Excellency kindly to acquaint me with the decision reached in this matter by the Government of the United States.

If, as my Government deems it safe to hope, the American Government should wish to join in the labors of the committee, it would be well to proceed, as soon as possible, to the designation of its representatives, [Page 566] as the first meeting of the committee will be held in Paris during the first half of next month, the date to be set by common accord.

It is needless to say that the Federal Secretary having charge of munitions may be represented by any person whom he may choose to designate, as was done in the case of the tonnage committee.

I should be thankful to Your Excellency if you will kindly enable me to report to my Government, at the earliest possible date, the action taken on my request and to give it the names of the American delegates appointed to participate in the labors of the Inter-Allied Munitions Committee.

Be pleased to accept [etc.]