File No. 763.72/9406a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page )2


6935. You are instructed to present textually the following to the Government to which you are accredited:

The resolutions formally adopted by the Supreme War Council at its fourth session held in London on March 14, 1918,3 with reference to the question of the inter-Allied general reserve, have been transmitted to the United States Government by General Bliss, the military representative of the United States Government on the Supreme War Council. These resolutions meet with the entire approval of the United States Government.

  1. The same, on the same date, to the Ambassador in France (No. 3333) with the addition: “Advise Frazier of contents.”
  2. The resolutions referred to were in fact adopted on Mar. 14 and 15, 1918, the dates of the second and third meetings of the session.