File No. 793.94/550.

The Japanese Embassy to the Department of State.31

Employment in the central government of competent Japanese as political, financial and military advisers.
Recognition of the right of the Japanese hospitals, churches and schools in the interior to own lands.
Employment of a large number of Japanese in the Chinese police offices in the localities where it is deemed necessary, and placing of the police system in those localities on a joint Chino-Japanese footing.
Purchase from Japan of the arms and ammunition not to be less than certain amount; or establishment in China of joint Chino-Japanese factory for the manufacture of arms, the material and the service of engineers in connection therewith to be secured from Japan.
The railway concessions regarding the lines connecting Wuchang with the Kiukiang-Nanchang Railway, Nanchang with Hang-chow, and Nanchang with Chaochow.
Consultation with Japan in the first instance in case foreign capital is required in connection with the railway or the mining or harbor works (including dock-yard) in the Province of Fukien.
Recognition of the right of Japanese as regards the propagation of religious teachings in China.
  1. An undated memorandum handed to the Secretary of State by the Japanese Ambassador, February 22, 1915.