File No. 812.00/14494.

Special Agent Silliman to the Secretary of State 6


Cabinet Minister Cabrera informed me this morning that the City of Mexico was a white elephant on the hands of the Constitutionalists [Page 655] and that it was altogether probable that they would soon abandon it using their troops in the campaign against Villa. Military trains on the Mexican Railway will be diverted from Ometusco via Pachuca to Tula. This means the complete closing of all considerable sources of supplies for the city, its possible isolation and its occupation by the Zapatistas. These people cannot be expected to relieve the distressing economic situation now prevailing except as to water supply unless there may be other source of relief promptly. I can see nothing but increased hardship and suffering for the foreign representatives and their nationals. Mr. Cabrera said that the diplomats would be advised of evacuation. All train service with city excepting military is suspended. Telegraphic service is suspended excepting official.

  1. Appointed Consul at Saltillo, February 22, 1915, and assigned to special duty near Carranza.