File No. 812.00/14223.


General Roque Gonzalez Garza, President of the Convention, has made the following statement:

Last night the President of the Republic, accompanied by certain of his Ministers, left this capital for the north after having given orders that the larger part of the troops upon which the Government was depending for its support should evacuate the capital.

In view of the fact that the metropolis is left without any authorities, I have assumed the chief command of the city, depending for its defense upon troops of the north and Zapatistas, all of whom are at the orders of the Convention.

Within a few minutes I will issue a decree establishing martial law, in order that any person who commits atrocities or disturbs the public peace will be executed.

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My determination to assume the command of the city will be ratified or rectified in the session of the Sovereign Convention to be held this afternoon.