File No. 882.00/496.

The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador.1

Sir: The Department has recently received cable reports from Monrovia showing that the Kru tribes on the Sinoe County coast are in [Page 629] rebellion against the Government; that the port of Sinoe is in a state of siege; and that the customs are under fire; and it is evident that the lives of foreign residents may become endangered.

The Liberian Government has requested this Government to send a war vessel to Liberia to lend moral support in relieving the present situation, and accordingly instructions have been sent to the Commander of the U. S. S. Chester, now in Turkish waters, to proceed at once to Monrovia. The arrival of the Chester at Monrovia is expected about November 1.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing.
  1. The same to the French Ambassador.