File No. 893.773/13.

Ambassador Guthrie to the Secretary of State .

No. 104.]

Sir: Supplementing my despatch No. 98, of the 4th instant, I have the honor to enclose a clipping1 from the Japan Advertiser of the 16th, purporting to be a statement on the question by the British Consul at Dalny.

The Consul considers the reduced rates to be in contravention of the principle of equal opportunity, but is of the opinion that even if they are extended to through imports from Shanghai, foreign merchants at Dalny would not derive any material benefit, as very few piece goods other than Japanese are shipped through that port, while in the case of Newchang only the merchants of larger capital would profit, leaving the smaller importers at a decided disadvantage. The Consul also apprehends that the further application of the revised rates would decrease the prosperity of Dalny and Newchang, by changing them from ports of transshipment to mere points of transit. He therefore believes that the interest of both foreigner and Japanese would be best served by reenforcing the original rates.

I have [etc.]

George W. Guthrie.
  1. Not printed.