File No. 294.11Ei5/1.

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Guthrie.

Sir: I have to inform you that the President has issued his warrant authorizing Frederick F. Flynn and Judd Dewey to take [Page 588] into custody John Eills, a fugitive from the justice of the United States, charged with the crime of perjury, and supposed to have taken refuge in Japan.

A duly authenticated set of papers is herewith enclosed.

You will, in pursuance of existing treaty stipulations between the United States and Japan, make formal application to the Japanese Government for the surrender of the fugitive to the agents appointed to receive him, in order that he may be brought back to the United States for trial in the State of Massachusetts.

Article V of the Treaty between the United States and Japan requires that the certificate of the Department, of State attached to the papers be authenticated by you and that the papers accompany the application.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Alvey A. Adee.