File No. 365.117/94.

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Page.


252. From affidavit of brother of Frank L. Ghiloni it appears that latter resided in Italy about ten years during childhood, returned this country at age of twelve and resided here continuously until last June, when he went to Italy for his health on advice physician, confirmed by physician’s affidavit. His father naturalized when Ghiloni was less than one year old.

Call Italian Government’s attention to fact Ghiloni was born a citizen of the United States under its law. As he was domiciled in this country when he attained majority, nearly nine years ago, has evidently made practical election American nationality, and visited Italy last June for a temporary purpose, it would seem just and reasonable for the Italian Government to permit him to leave Italy and [Page 559] return United States. It is hoped Italian Government, upon a full presentation of these facts, will grant this.