File No. 365.117/87.

Ambassador Page to the Secretary of State .

No. 271.]

Sir: Referring to former correspondence on the subject of a naturalization treaty between the United States and Italy, and especially to your No. 127 of March 24, I have the honor to report that since my last despatch to you upon this subject the conditions in Italy and the exactions known to me to exist in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here have established me in the conviction that the present, because of Italy’s relation to the European war and her critical status at this moment, is an inopportune time to reopen negotiations with the Italian Government looking to the conclusion of such a naturalization treaty.

I am, however, bearing in mind your instruction contained in the above-mentioned communication of March 24, and shall address all my energies to further your views as soon as the present crisis here, passes.

I have [etc.]

Thomas Nelson Page.