File No. 815.032/11.


Note.—The message was read to the Congress on January 1, 1915, and transmitted to the Secretary of State January 7, 1915, by the American Minister. The following is the only passage referring to the United States.


The commission appointed to prepare all the matters concerning our participation in the coming exposition at San Francisco, California, has continued with success and zeal its labors gathering, classifying and preparing all the objects and products by which Honduras will be represented at that great gathering.

For reasons of commerce, geographical proximity and other reasons, the Government of Honduras continues to cultivate the frankest, most cordial and friendly relations with the United States of America through the Chancelleries and respective Ministers. The one in this capital, Mr. John Ewing, like his predecessors, shows the greatest desire to maintain and make stronger the bonds of loyal friendship which unite the two Governments.