File 838.77/122.

The Secretary of State to Minister Blanchard.


Admiral Caperton suggests that the Department use its good offices to induce the National Railways to begin work immediately. Those connected with the financing of the railway have explained to the Department certain acts of injustice on the part of Haiti and indicated that if the treaty is ratified these matters can then be adjusted and work renewed with a clear understanding regarding the extension of time to be granted in which construction under concession is to be terminated. That will, it is hoped, mean increased vigor in prosecuting the work and increased satisfaction on the part of the Haitian Government.

The Department regrets that the funds expected to be collected from the customhouses will not suffice to provide work to stop disorders of the men in the north. If this condition continues to exist after the remaining customhouses have come under American control, the Department will, looking to a maintenance of public order, provided Admiral Caperton considers it to be urgent, endeavor to arrange with bankers for an advance sufficient to employ the hungry and indigent citizens.