File 838.77/100.

Minister Blanchard to the Secretary of State.


The Department’s September 23. This morning I had an interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs by appointment and communicated [Page 539]to him the substance of the first two phrases of your telegram leaving a memorandum to which he will reply in writing. He stated that notification served on National Railroad Company of Haiti is to foreclose railroad property and on the 27th instant put it into adjudication, but not to take possession of the same, the proceeds of the sale to go to the concessionaire. The adjudication would not take place actually before September 28. The Haitian Government seems determined on foreclosure on September 28; but, in spite of difference in the Government and concessionaire interpretation of contract, the Haitian Government in a spirit of conciliation would favorably receive a request from railroad company for a stay of execution for sixty days if desired, during which time the company would make proposals for an understanding with the Government. Should these proposals now be accepted, the rights of the parties would be reserved. In that case the proceedings of foreclosure would be delayed until the expiration of the sixty days. I respectfully suggest to communicate with Farnham and if proposition is acceptable have him advise the railroad’s representative here accordingly before the morning of 27th.


Note.—R. F. Farnham was informed of the above by a telegram dated September 26, 1914.