File No. 838.516/42.

Minister Blanchard to the Secretary of State.


The Department of Foreign Relations has asked, by note received last night, the good offices of the Legation for transmission to Mr. Wehrhane of the following reply to his telegram14 addressed to the President of Haiti, which was forwarded through the Department and this Legation:


Henry H. Wehrhane,
Vice President National Bank of the Republic of Haiti, New York:

In answer to your telegram the President of Haiti charges me to express his satisfaction at seeing the Bank, actuated by condition of the country, disposed to propose arbitration for the settlement of the difficulties pending and at last decided to an understanding with reference to this matter to be adopted to improve the financial and economic situation of the country.

He regrets, however, not to be able to consent to send to the United States Doctor Heraux, Minister of Finance, accompanied by one or more colleagues, to the end of negotiating agreements and to lay, should there be occasion, the basis of a new budgetary convention. He thinks preferable that the Bank enter into relations with the Haitian Minister at Washington, who will receive full powers to that effect. In the meantime the President thinks that the Bank, previous to any negotiation, would give indisputable proof of the sincerity of its sentiments by consenting to execute without delay the two laws recently voted by the Legislative Body which place at the disposal of the Government certain credit balances of which the payment is imperatively claimed for the urgent necessities of public service.

Dr. Edmond Heraux.