File No. 838.00/1243.

Admiral Caperton to the Secretary of the Navy.


I have had daily conferences with the President of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, with Senators, Deputies, ex-Cabinet Ministers, and many leading Haitians. In the presence of Congressmen, Dartiguenave, President of the Senate, stated that Congressmen are agreed that Haiti must and will accede gladly to any terms proposed by the United States. Now, they say they will cede outright without restriction St. Nicholas Mole, granting us the right to intervene when necessary, customhouse control, and any other terms. Only they beg to avoid as far as possible humiliation. They insist that no government can stand except through protection of the United States. Without this protection there would be nothing but anarchy in Haiti according to their statements. Most Haitians now fear that the Americans will withdraw their troops.

Immediately it is extremely desirable to reestablish government. Next Thursday, August 12, unless otherwise directed, I will permit Congress to elect a President.

  1. For the complete telegram, see Political Affairs, post.