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No. 10.]

Sir: With reference to my note of the 4th instant relative to the untoward incident at Fort Erie, I have the honour to inform you that I have today received a telegram from His Royal Highness the Governor General of Canada, which is to the following effect.

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From information received from the Attorney General for the Province of Ontario as to the nature of the evidence given at the coroner’s inquest it appears that the object of the shooting was deterrent, as the deceased and his companions were engaged in shooting out of season and unlawfully; and that the injury which resulted in the regretted death of the deceased was entirely unintentional. The Canadian Government is, however, of opinion that the person who fired the fatal shot ought to be placed on his trial and steps will accordingly be taken for that purpose. In the view of the Canadian Government the circumstances which so unfortunately resulted in the death of the deceased are such that as an act of grace suitable compensation should be made to the family of the deceased and to the person injured by the shooting.

I hasten to communicate the above for the information of your Government and at the same time to renew in the name of the British and Canadian Governments the expression of their sincere regret at this untoward occurrence.

I have [etc.]

Cecil Spring Rice.