File No. 702.6211/225.

The German Ambassador to the Secretary of State .


Mr. Secretary of State: In reply to your kind note of the 29th ultimo relating to the case of Imperial Consul Müller at Seattle, I have the honor again to draw your excellency’s attention to my note of the 21st ultimo in which I said: “Should your excellency deem it possible to discontinue the case, I would be quite ready for my part to take into consideration a transfer of Consul Müller.”

In connection therewith I should be thankful to your excellency, before I take further steps in the matter, if you would kindly let me know whether proceedings against Herr Müller have been discontinued.

If the legal term of sixty days expires without the case being brought before the court or discontinued, I shall be justified in assuming that the State Attorney of Washington has become convinced that his information lacks consistency and that there is no objection to continuing Herr Müller in office at Seattle.

Accept [etc.]

J. Bernstorff.