File No. 702.6211/218.

The Secretary of State to Governor Lister.


I have received your letter of April 12, enclosing copy of letter addressed to you by Mr. Lundin, Prosecuting Attorney for King’s County, Washington. Mr. Lundin’s letter has been appropriately communicated to the German Ambassador. I appreciate your prompt action in this matter and also Mr, Lundin’s purpose to act in harmony with the Department.

[Page 410]

While there may be no recorded judicial interpretation of the provision of the judiciary act referred to in the Department’s letter of April 5, it seems reasonably certain that the State courts have no jurisdiction in the case pending against the German Consul. For this reason and for other reasons which I need not state in view of Mr. Lundin’s position as set forth in his letter to you, the Department deems it desirable that the case be dismissed. I believe I am in position to assure you that prompt and effective steps will be taken entirely to remove the possibility of further difficulties between the authorities of the State of Washington and the Consul.

W. J. Bryan.