File No. 825.731/2.

Ambassador Fletcher to the Secretary of State.

No. 580.]

Sir: In continuation of my No. 574 of the 11th instant, on the subject of Decree No. 6364, imposing unnecessary and burdensome restrictions on telegraphic communications, I have the honor to report that a new decree (translation enclosed) has been issued which satisfactorily amends the first decree and eliminates the provisions thereof which affected adversely legitimate neutral commerce.

I have appropriately expressed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs my appreciation of his attentive consideration of and prompt action upon the Embassy’s representations on this subject.

I have [etc.]

Henry P. Fletcher.


The dispositions of Articles 2 and 3 of Decree No. 6364, of December 30 last, are modified in the following form:

The communications of diplomatic representatives and consular agents accredited in Chile can be transmitted and received in cipher or in code language without any restriction when there is reciprocity.
Private telegraphic communications, within the country or with neutral countries, may be exchanged in code language or cipher.
Private telegraphic communications, in cipher, with the belligerent countries may be made only by means of the codes A. B. C., fifth edition; Scott’s Code, tenth edition; Bentley’s Complete Phrase Code; Western Union Code; Leiber’s Code, and those which the Government of Chile authorizes, providing that the sender gives to the corresponding administrative authority a translation of the telegram and he authorizes its transmission, placing his O. K. on the original cipher.
Private telegraphic communications, in cipher or not, which contain notices regarding the situation, movements or operatons of the war or merchant vessels of the belligerent nations may not be transmitted; but the agents of steamship companies and commercial houses may transmit telegraphic communications in cipher or code language within the country or to neutral countries regarding the movement of steamers or merchant vessels.

Take note, communicate, publish and insert in the “Boletin de las Leyes y Decretos del Gobierno.”

  • Barros Luco.
  • Pedro N. Montenegro.